Friday, December 02, 2005

The Internet Has Finally Proven Its Worth

A few months ago I posted about Google's Ride Finder which allows users to find real-time information about the location of taxis in selected American cities. Based on the google map interface and using global positioning technology, Ride Finder gives you both location and telephone numbers for cabbies.

Numerous folks have hacked google maps to display other customized geographical information. Today, the weblog Chicagoist reports the introduction of the website, Drinktown. Drinktown uses information from taverns in Chicago and Milwaukee to provide interactive maps showing the location of particular drink specials around each city. Drinktown provides excellent functionality, allowing you to search by zip code, particular night of the week for specials, and the type of drink special (beer, mixed drink, wine, etc...).

This is, by far, the most useful redeployment of google maps that I've seen--let's hope it spreads to other cities!

(Image taken from Chicagoist)