Thursday, October 13, 2005

Toronto Bans Segways

Lawyers for the City of Toronto, thankfully bucking the trend embraced by many of the Western world's urban tourist districts (like Washington [pictured above], Chicago, and Paris), have said "NO" to operating Segways on city streets and sidewalks.

Aside from being an incredibly idiotic and dangerous form of transportation, the Segway is profoundly anti-urban. Swarms of the pesty vehicles inhibit pedestrian circulation due to their size. They transform a space of sociability into a mini-road, converting one of the last spaces designed for humans into a playground for machines. They lack the maneuverability and speed of a bicycle and offer no advantages over walking.

Although there have been reports of an uptick in their popularity due to rising petrol prices, it is highly unlikely that they can eclipse the bicycle as the most ecologically- and economically-friendly forms of urban transport.

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