Monday, April 11, 2005

Settlers Throw Rocks at Occupiers' Bulldozers... suburban Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reports of unrest in the Cook County village of Western Springs. At issue are the plans of Dartmoor Homes--a developer of what it calls "luxury estate homes"--to transform an old country club into a McMansion heaven.

It seems that the restless natives, following the defeat of the incumbent Village President John Kravcik in last Tuesday's election, are upset at the lame duck's inability to stop Dartmoor from chopping down trees on the former golf course.

When Dartmoor's bulldozers showed up, citizens cried "foul" and threw rocks at workers. Citizens argued that the disruption of the soil during the deforestation escapade could endanger their health due to the possibility of latent pesticides in the dirt at the former golf course.

I wouldn't expect these Western Springs activists to be joining the ranks of Greenpeace any time soon, however. A look at the website of Save The Timber--Dartmoor's perennial nemesis in their redevelopment efforts--smacks of NIMBYness. In their call-to-arms for a recent failed referendum allowing the Township to purchase more parkspace, they argued that "more open space means less development."