Tuesday, March 08, 2005

New Sprawl Documentary Airs in Canada

A recent documentary making the festival circuit is being shown tomorrow (Wed., Mar. 9 @ 10:00pm est) on the Canadian network Vision TV. The End of Suburbia is the work of Toronto director, Gregory Greene and explores the tenuous prospects for urban sustainability given the growing concern over impending oil depletion.

I have not seen the film yet, but it promises to be an interesting and provocative analysis of suburban development.

The Toronto Star has a brief review that places the film's analysis squarely within the "peak oil" camp. Simply put, the sprawling nature of North American urban development has been contingent on extremely cheap and ample supplies of oil. These supplies are dramatically dwindling, requiring an urgent need to rethink urban and transportation policy--something that is not being undertaken by most politicians.

Among those interviewed in the film are gadfly James Howard Kunstler and West Coast New Urbanist architect Peter Calthorpe.

Canadian readers: please feel free to post reviews!